TixKeeper has always had an impressive number of options for configuring how your museum passes are reserved. The next generation of TixKeeper, called TK Mars, introduces a fully responsive presentation that looks great on all devices.

- Map view/driving directions to destinations
- Weekly and monthly pass countdowns
- Optional membership/ticket number display
- Mark passes out/returned/no-show for tracking purposes
- Staff can overbook passes
- Patrons can cancel reservations from home without staff intervention
- Confirmation emails, reminder emails, and text message reminders to patrons
- Mobile friendly design
- Set pass expiration dates
- Blacklist barcodes for a defined period

Print on Demand Passes
Add barcodes and/or QR codes to destination passes that allow print on demand.

Select custom colors, header, footer, and logo. Create different lending rules.

Access Control
SIP2 Protocol and ILS API options. Limit reservations based on Patron Type, Zip Code, fines, etc.